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I guess she figured the best way to start an intimate loving relationship was to be double teamed

"I guess she figured the best way to start an intimate loving relationship was to be double teamed. Nothing says a great first impression than being chock full of cock 10 minutes after we walk in."—Italian Sal in response to an amateur adult actress wanna-be that said that she had hoped her first-time experience would be more, uh, "intimate."

Goddamned right. And see that's the difference. The difference is that the world is divided into two types of people: those who would rather be fucking no matter else they might have been doing and those that would really rather be doing something else. And these types are all over the place. Even in porn. I mean if porn is going to be your post-film school excuse period, if porn is because you felt like a loser in high school, if porn is because you like prostitution but it fucks with your sense of self-worth then make way for that other half of the population for whom fucking on film and filming fucking is the god-given calling we understand it to be.

What the hell am I talking about?

Okay. I'll explain it the only way I know how:

Nina Hartley versus Savannah.

Case closed.

And look how after Savannah's suicide well all the rock and roll boys she banged were sobbing because she was gone like they were watching Bambi or something. Bullshit. Give me an UNREPENTANT cock sucker any day.

Speaking of which, WHY HASN'T NINA HARTLEY GIVEN ME A CALL YET? We want to fuck you, baby, and I know you want to fuck us too.

Oh, oh, oh, and please save your goddamned mewling letters for someone who gives a shit. The only thing worse than people feeling sorry for themselves is them feeling sorry for people that they didn't even know, who they were connected to solely on the basis of jerking off to a few of their videos one time when.



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