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Everybody wants to get laid

"Everybody wants to get laid. Even with all of the diseases in the world, people will be DOING it. On the surface people keep up a good game but scratch below that and people are like 'Meet me in the bathroom,' 'What are you doing tonight?,' 'He's out of town.' Don't get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for people who AIN'T like that…I just haven't met many."—Mr. Marcus

OK. Think about this fucking shit, cumpari. And think about it especially next time you're out on the goddamn wine and dine, first date bit.

Dinner: $80
Dancing and Drinks: $100
Gas: $50
Car to put the goddamned gas in that's not a Hyundai: $15,000
Clothes: $400

Total: $15, 630

Probability of getting pussy: Unknown.

Now consider this. Well first sit down. Now consider that RIGHT NOW there are beautiful broads who will fuck you, for a FEE. Yes yes yes, we call them HO's, but these are WOMEN, first and foremost, and they will fuck you for a FEE that doesn't come close to $15,630 and it's unknown promise of pussy.

They come, you come, they leave and what we're saying here is that if you're so fucking desperate for someone to hear your crapass stories again and again and again, we suggest AA, but there's a wonderful economy to all of this HO BUSINESS and so I'd like to make August NATIONAL LOVE-A-HO Month. That's it. A simple proposition. These unsung heroines, these Semen Extraction Specialists, these fucking Florence Nightengales of fucking deserve not only your dollars but your devotion. And lest we forget, let's have some time in there to sing the praises of the men who love the women that love the men, in a nationally recognized self-esteem/jobs initiative program that we will call PROUD TO BE A PIMP Day.

So yeah, let's start some HO REVIEWS. You fuck them, you write them, we'll print them.

And speaking of HO, goddamned, is there ANYone who is fucking hotter than the broads in Zero Tolerance's ASS CLEAVAGE?!?!?!? Well the answer is, Hello No and you got out solemn promise on that one motherfuckers.



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