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In a word: GRAND THEFT FUCKING ANAL. Well that was really more than one word but you know what the hell we mean. Hauling ass, stealing ass, this movie reminds us of that special moment when the idea first dawns on you: hey! I wonder what sticking my cock up my girl’s ass would feel like. We mean this is a complicated moment because YOU know that your cock doesn’t give a tinker’s damn where the hell it is as long as it’s dark and warm, but it’s the IDEA that you wanna fuck. The IDEA of maybe being the first cock up her ass, reclaiming for a moment in time that Mount Everest moment of Excellence. I mean that is assuming you have been the first. So there you are having leapt on her comment “oh….I wonder what that would feel like…” with all the speediness of a fucking jungle cheetah, thinking about it, and then sliding it in and then GODDAMN IT, Boy, you feel like some kind of a man. Except maybe it’s NOT your girl you’re doing it to. Except maybe it’s that chick you picked up at the bar who told you to fuck her there because she was having her period. Except maybe in the middle of it you reach down to discover she’s got tea bags a’swinging and you’ve really been fucking a Tranny and boy oh boy what do you tell them back home now? But I digress (Note to Tom Hall: I told you I wouldn’t tell nobody, Tom). The point is this is LET’S ALL CELEBRATE ASS FUCKING WEEK and it’s sponsored by Sen. Rick Santorum, a great man and an even greater politician who thinks that ass-fucking should be illegal, thus committing the first ever political suicide over anal sex. Hail, hail, the chief’s all here!!!



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