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Red Light District

Rating: FIVE “War And Peace" BUSTED NUTS

Porn as epic.

Yeah yeah. I can see it now. A new concept, but damned if Red Light District doesn't put its money where its mouth is on this DVD.

The old adage of "think globally, act locally" applies here, with the So Cal porn house providing two very fine orgies for our voyeuristic pleasure. And just like and Visa Card, this video is everywhere you want to be, with one fuck romp in Los Angeles and the other in, you got it, the porn playland of plunder: Prague.

You've got a fine representation of the poster girls from the Metal Wing of the Skullgame compound with TERA JOY and LYLA LEI. Hell, any flick with Tera Joy in it can safely be labeled epic, and the only thing that could make this movie better is MORE TERA! But the other gals on hand (12 in all) are nonetheless very welcome, especially SARAH BLUE, VIKTORIE, and the whole fucking cast of wenches in the Euro suck scene.

As we've come to expect in porn, when the rest of the world tries to fuck with Eastern Europe, the latter lays the smack down. Such is the case here, with the Euro orgy beating the hell out of the already very fine US romp.

And if all this weren't enough, you get a POV scene with Lyla Lei AND Monique, just as bonuses. You can't beat that with a goddamned bat.

Plot? None.

Exhausting jerkoffitude? Lots.

Steely Rob says check it out. -- STEELY ROB

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