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Why Porno is Good: A Philosophical Treatise on the Nature and Extent of Semen Extraction Technologies and Their Practical Applications in the Modern Era

I'm watching my porn star catch from across the room. She's all fucking totally PNEUMATIC, man, I tell you, and when she pulls off her top I'm like one of those cartoon cats with their ass on fire. I mean INSIDE. Outside? Well yeah, this happens to me every fucking day. And since she takes her clothes off several TIMES a day I imagine, she's clearly not impressed. So on the surface that makes two of us. But I'm dying. And going to heaven. All of my straight world broads say shit like "you actually LIKE girls like that?" and if you have any hopes of getting NON-pornstar puss you fucking lie and say, "what?!? Girls like THAT??! Shit….Why would I like something all PHONY like that baby, when you're here and so real and hot?" Yeah. Sure. OF COURSE, we like girls like THAT. That's why those girls are like that because they KNOW we like that. In fact they can and do make millions of dollars because they are like THAT. THAT, here being, the archetypical ur-hoe that represents the corrupted fantasies of men all jacked up on too much TV, too many drugs and not enough imagination but AND THIS IS IMPORTANT HERE, this is not a critique. I mean like the song by OUTKAST says "we love these hoes." And so we do. United in our inability to give a shit about the humbler and more sublime virtues of meeting and mating we go for the over-amped and I'm here to tell you IT WAS THE RIGHT FUCKING CHOICE. And as I pass out, face down in her pussy, my cock dribbling that it's finished, I know this to be true like I've never known anything ELSE to be true my entire life.



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